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Came across your blog when I Googled Jonathan Crombie! LOVE HIM!



I'll be seeing Mr. Crombie when he takes over the role of Man in Chair after the Toronto debut of "The Drowsy Chaperone" road tour.

I'm surprised his appearances in "Slings and Arrows" are rarely mentioned in the fan sites. I need to dig out my disks of that series since I can't quite place his character.


I was in New York during 2 days only. I wanted very much to see some musical on Broadway. The choice was really difficult.
I’ve chosen Drowsy Chaperone in order to see Jonathan Crombie on the stage. I’ve bought the tickets Saturday 09.08 for the next day and they’ve insured me that Jonathan Crombie would play in this performance. I was very disappointed because he didn’t.


My best friend and I are going to see the drowsy chaperone this week simply because Jonathan Crombie is in it. We've been in love with him since we were 10 (even though he's almost as old as our fathers, he's still insanely attractive!!!).


Aww thanks for posting this picture :-)

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