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I just wanted to commend you on your wonderful site and on your activism regarding breast cancer. Kudos! I love the concept of a photo a day. I also love to see things from an east coast perspective. I'm way over here on the west coast, so it's nice to see what life is like over there. I came upon your site a few months ago and every day I come back and check the site to see how life in New York is. Even if my day wasn't particularly thrilling your musings always create the illusion of a day of excitement. Hearing about all the plays and events you go to sounds too wonderful and I am constantly amazed to see who you can get to sign those wonderful bears... Anyways, I am sorry to ramble, but I've gone too long without letting you know how much I (and I'm sure many others) appreciate your site. Keep on Keepin' on. ~Lauren

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